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Over the past 25 years, Thailand has become one of Asia’s hottest destinations for film production. Due to this strong experience, the finest in VIDEO PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT is readily available to fit your needs. In Thailand, the possibilities are endless. From large scale film production to corporate videos – Thailand has the latest in film production equipment to make your production the best possible. 35mm cameras, 16mm cameras, digital cameras, spherical lenses cameras, and special purposes lenses are all available at low cost. Thailand has it all!

Additionally – underwater equipment, rigs, cranes, you name it! Finding cutting-edge equipment in Thailand is affordable and we’re confident we can find everything you need.

Our vast experience in Thailand and South East Asia allow us to provide quality service when working on your next production.


Forest in Thailand
Field full of flowers

If you want to escape the chaos of the city, it’s easy to transport yourself to a completely different world. Thailand’s diversity is remarkable.

When walking the countryside, you can sometimes feel as if you’re on an alien planet. The sounds, the smells, just become so completely alien. Coming to Thailand and not experiencing the "Naturaleza" that abounds is close to a crime. Thailand’s nature elicits a kaleidoscope of emotion. At some point, you will definitely be left breathless. And then that will happen again. Choosing Thailand for your next production is not an easily regrettable decision.

You can also choose to shoot in one of Thailand’s many other cities that offer a variety of looks.
Chiang Mai is filled with temples against a mountainous backdrop thick with lush jungle. Crystal
clear lagoons to rice paddies, Thailand’s nature can change province by province. Sometimes in Thailand, you can feel the surroundings pulling you centuries back in time.

Thailand also hosts a top fleet of studios serving up diversity in size, shape, and form.



Although, during Thailand’s coldest period (December to February), you will feel some cooler temperatures. Coldest is definitely relative in this situation, it will, for the most part, seem just like any other day apart from a minor decrease in temperature. The seasons will hit the north and south at different times. You may even find it beneficial to come during the monsoon season. As it’s the low season, prices are dropped and you’ll find that accommodation and transportation costs are less than usual. The rainy season’s lower temperature may even be of benefit to your next film production.

Is there ever a bad time to film in Thailand?

The tropical climate lets us film all year round! North to South, East to West, there’s always a sunny location. Even during its infamous monsoon season, downpours rarely last more than a couple of hours. Thailand offers up landscapes ranging from white sandy beaches to evergreen mountains.



As a top tourist destination, Thailand has some of the best infrastructure in South East Asia. It has reached a point of infrastructural development that often exceeds international standards. Visitors of every flavor flock to Thailand to experience the uniqueness of the country. This makes it even cheaper to transport your shooting equipment and cast anywhere in the country.

There are highways and airports linking Bangkok to the rest of Thailand. The drivers we contract at UMOON are experienced and we succeed at mitigating any logistical issues you may encounter.

If you’re coming on an international flight, you will most likely arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thailand also benefits from being centrally located within Asia. If you find Thailand doesn’t have what you need, what you’re looking for could be a short flight away.

Bangkok has a highly efficient elevated train system that connects Suvarnabhumi to the city. The
Airport Rail Link takes you downtown in less than 30 minutes and always runs on time!

Bangkok is also home to a second airport, Don Mueang International, located just across the city
from Suvarnabhumi. Just be sure to note which airport you’re flying in and out of, it’s easy to confuse one for the other. But, don’t worry! This is a mistake that many have made.

If you’re looking to shoot outside of Bangkok, you can take one of the many domestic flights leaving either airport. These tickets are cheap and there are multiple flights leaving daily. Being conveniently located in Bangkok, it’s easy to access a variety of landscapes – from swampy mangroves to mountainous jungles.

Additionally, if Thailand isn’t cutting it and you’re looking to shoot elsewhere – don’t worry! UMOON has years of experience in the region.

How could I forget to mention how safe it is?! Thailand is an incredibly peaceful country! Locals are friendly everywhere. The greatest difficulty you may face is the language barrier. Good thing we’re here to help!



Bangkok offers high-class accommodations.
You can find yourself staying at anywhere from a dingy backpacker hostel to one of the city’s many 5-star hotels. In the following, I’ll give a brief breakdown of some of Bangkok’s more prominent neighborhoods and just why you might want to stay there.

Silom and Sathorn:
These two financial districts are located alongside each other in a relatively “new” part of town. In these neighborhoods, you can find a mix of the modern and traditional. Shiny skyscrapers sprout chaotically side by side with traditional shop-houses and local neighborhoods. These two districts have become trendy, and Silom is considered the gay heart of this thriving metropolis.

Sukhumvit, one of the city’s main thoroughfares, has undergone rapid development over the past
several years. It houses some of Bangkok’s best nightlife and dining options which are easily
accessed via the Bangkok Sky Train. UMOON’s office is located in Ekkamai, one of the many neighborhoods extending from the main road. This district is full of both international expats and locals alike. All over Sukhumvit, you can find clusters of Japanese, Indian, and Western expats.

Bangrak and the Riverside:
This incredibly beautiful side of Bangkok has undergone a resurgence. Now, hipster cafes,
cocktail bars, and 5-star hotels can be found dotting the riverside. Stay at one of the many fine accommodations in this neighborhood enjoy the gorgeous views of The Chao Phraya River. I
highly recommend taking one of the city’s many water taxis where you’ll truly feel like a local as you weave in and out of Bangkok’s river canals.

The traditional center of Bangkok, Banglamphu is home to Bangkok’s most popular attractions. It’s also notorious for being the backpacker district, although I hope that doesn’t dissuade you from choosing to stay here. It’s home to a number of eclectic markets and some of the best Thai food Bangkok has to offer. Here you can find budget hostels as well as hotels advertising 5-star amenities.

To be completely fair with you, these are just several of the many areas in Bangkok you can stay at. This is just to give you a brief overview of what the city has in store for you. All these neighborhoods offer different advantages and are located within striking distance of highways and public transportation. Bangkok is home to a highly efficient system of trains that run both above and below ground.



Let’s be real here, one of the great perks of filming in Thailand is the FOOD.
Bangkok, and all of Thailand is a paradise for foodies coming from all points of the globe.
As you walk around the bustling capital, you can take in the sweet and savory smells of Thai street food.
From fresh fruit shakes, spicy papaya salad, or smoky grilled pork – let the flavors of Thailand fill your nostrils and stomach! Being able to taste authentic Thai food is an incredible privilege.
Not only is it all incredibly delicious, but it is also so cheap!! There are street vendors EVERYWHERE, and you can easily something to eat 24 hours a day.
For some, the food alone is enough of a draw to bring you to this tropical locale. Thailand is home to world-renowned street food. And Bangkok’s food scene is consistently listed as one of the best in the world. Chefs from all over come to draw inspiration from Thai cuisine.

What also makes Thai food so great is the variety! Thai food vastly differs region by region, with each part of the country offering up some very solid options. From Southern curries to sizzling egg noodles with wontons – cuisine here draws influence from all parts of Asia.
A great option is one of the many night markets. The night markets of Bangkok offer up a dazzling selection of some of the best Thai food around. While the street food atmosphere has its unique appeal, the best Thai food is located in small shop-house restaurants scattered throughout the city. The price is often close with that of street food, and the taste a noticeable step above.

Luckily, there’s an endless number of Thai dishes to try, and each offers up something deliciously unique. Bangkok’s food scene cannot be topped and remains one of the country’s strongest draws.

"The congested roadways of Chinatown", known to locals as Yaowarat, it's a part of town that serves up an unbeatable array of street stalls and shop-house restaurants. If you really want to taste the best of what Chinatown offers – it is recommended to go in the evening as this neighborhood of the city thrives in the night.

Apart from Thai food, Bangkok serves a wide variety of international cuisine and some of the world’s finest chefs call it home. You can eat a traditional Thai breakfast and then feast on some authentic Japanese for dinner.