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Nine Key Areas:
– Sathorn
– China Town
– Rattanakosin Island
– Siam Square
– Hua Lampong | Train Station
– Train Graveyard
– Phrom Phong Area
– Klong Toei Slum
– Hua Mark | Sport Stadium

Bangkok has a little bit of everything, the city offers flavors of different culture. With the variety of natural beauty, amazing world class architecture and the mix of local tradition with modern skyscrapers, the progressive metropolis will make you smile in the Land of Smiles.

As a native to the city, we have compiled a little taste of film locations Bangkok has to offer.

  • Sathorn

The Sathorn area is considered being the Wall Street neighborhood of Bangkok. Characterized by huge skyscrapers and buildings, which host offices of many local and international firms.
It is indeed the perfect area for a western TV commercial shooting, as it resembles the modern urban Metropolis.

Sathorn Square Building



  • China Town

The traditional Thai-Chinese district is home to fast pace market lifestyle during the day and a street food paradise at night. The markets and restaurants show an ambiance we know well from the many Chinatowns around the world yet in Thailand they blend so well with the shophouses, arcades, and street food vendors that stretch on for miles. The district has no shortage of opportunity from hundreds of tuk tuks, riverside ferries, street alley’s and lights. The side streets all connect with Yaowarat; the heart of Chinatown and main road.

Many of these side streets can act as dark alleyways you wouldn’t dare to even enter but you eventually see a person popping out from the one of them or eating, noticing you can explore further.
As we leave the hustle and bustle of Chinatown proper, the rest of the area feels calm as people go about their day, seemingly too far removed from the traffic and insanity of inner Bangkok. Behind the streets, there is a network of small “soi” and alleys. It is here we find a flourishing art movement, small unique bars and galleries like at Soi Nana (not that really popular one on Sukhumvit).


  • Rattanakosin Island

When we think of Bangkok, this usually is the first place that comes to mind and the most touristic area of the city. This “island” can be called the Old Town, shock full of temples, palaces, markets, universities, and government offices. On lands that belong to the Crown, shooting with large crews can be tightly controlled by the Film Board, but we will get you all the necessary permits to film here, even to use drones.
Most of the architecture is a huge mix of royal classical Thai style, with its golden pagodas, palaces and colonial architecture. The latter is usually for government agencies and ministries or even university buildings. The district is also dotted with Chinese style shophouses ubiquitous to Chinatown.

Rattanakosin wall


  • Siam Square

Across from the infamous Paragon mall, Siam Square is a must confess trendy district. This area is essentially small streets laid out in an New York style grid block system that is filled with vendors and mini malls in between them. From micro parks to traditional style cinema theater Siam Square changes looks on every street.  

Siam Square

Siam Funky Alley


  • Hua Lamphong – Train Station

Close to Chinatown, the train station itself is over a hundred years old which is still used daily by the public. The train station inside represents a thai-renaissance like style atmosphere that is simply beautiful. All 14 platforms on ground level under a huge a hanger that catches light in the most cliche setting.

Hua Lampong Train station

Hua Lampong Train


  • Train Graveyard

With a rolling stock of trains, this station is an ancient location where observers can get up close to trains, some even whilst moving. This graveyard is directly across the notorious Queen Sirikit park and is home to mainly unused old rusted locomotives.

Abandoned Rusty Train

Inside abandoned train


  • Phrom Phong Area

Popular among the Japanese community, Phrom Phong is filled with a mass of shopping complexes, malls, parks, restaurants and boutique shops reinforcing it as one of the most upscale and desired neighborhoods in Bangkok. The Japanese Thai area shares its skytrain station as a concrete plain used as a Hotspot for sponsored events and holiday activities.

Phrom Phong Japanese area

EmDistrict Area


  • Khlong Toei Slum

Going to Bangkok’s more gritty nature, the railway in the Khlong Toei Slum is famous for its extreme example of poverty. With a train line going straight through the middle of shed like neighborhood, this location is an emotional roller coaster for directors showing the underbelly of city. Here you’ll easily stumble upon people drinking at mid afternoon in the street, gambling, resting, etc.

Klong Toey Slum

Klong Toey Slum


  • Hua Mak Sports Stadium

Hua Mak Sports stadium or Rajamangala National Stadium is the premier sports stadium in Bangkok, home to the national football team games, concerts, skeet shooting, swimming, volleyball, basketball, skateboarding parks and many commercials. The compound is extremely big with restaurants all around and local universities.

Hua Mark Stadium

Hua Mark Stadium

These characteristics are what makes Bangkok such a perfect film location in any scenario.  If you are a Production Company and are looking for a location to film an upcoming Advertising TVC, Movie or Music Video, then you should definitely take Bangkok into consideration.

If you want to know more on how Thailand is the perfect location for your next video shooting then you must read our Why Thailand? article.

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