The Best Accommodations in Bangkok

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Key Areas:
Riverside Area

At UMOON Productions, we take the comfort of incoming foreign directors, producers, cast and clients very seriously. Because obviously, at the end of a long day on recce or shooting, nothing feels better than a nice cool bed to beat the heat. Thankfully we are in Bangkok so why not add a nice massage or a dip in the pool. Maybe a nice restaurant, and a little cocktail at a rooftop to top it all off, literally.
To give you the freedom to a wide variety of choices, our production house has corporate partnerships with some, if not most, of the finest hotels in Bangkok. This gives you some of the finest rates for accommodations. We will be going through some of the most popular hotels for our guests by area and district to give you an understanding of what each offers.

Riverside Area

Noticeably the most iconic corner of Bangkok and set along the banks of the Chao Praya river. The Hotels here a but a few minutes away from Rattanakosin island that houses the Old Town, its palaces and temple complexes. Furthermore, they are right next to Chinatown with its markets and unique shophouses. On top of that there’s also a flourishing nightlife, and art community.
These areas are the best for video production and photography shoots, in fact some of the best commercials,  music videos and films we have done so far were made here.
The luxury hotels here have a calmer ambiance to them but are also the older ones in Bangkok: The Peninsula Bangkok and the Mandarin Oriental.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok is the most luxurious hotel in Bangkok. Built upon the oldest colonial hotel in the city. Along with new management it now has a wide variety of suites, and the deluxe rooms go for about the rate of a suite elsewhere. But besides the very luxurious and unique suites, they also have the best spas, a Michelin starred restaurant and the oldest jazz bar in Bangkok.

On the opposite bank of the river, The Peninsula Bangkok comes with more affordable rates. But affordable here relates to a world class 5-star hotel with all the experiences you can expect of one in Thailand: spa, pools, classes, huge suites, great food, and bars.

Sukhothai Hotel view on the riverMandarin Oriental Hotel view on the river



Bridging the gap between the Sathorn business district and Sukhumvit road, this district offers a great advantage by being close to everything. The beating heart of Bangkok, Rattanakosin’s Old Town and the modern grey monoliths of the business district and the nightlife areas all by their side.

Most hotels here are located on the Wireless Road. With big boulevards and home to many embassies and ambassador’s villas which is why this district can be called the “Embassy district”. It’s often remarked as the best place to live in Bangkok. In recent years, it has welcomed some of the best restaurants, bars, and malls.
Along this road, you can choose the Hotel Indigo Bangkok that has a sort of “boutique chic” feel to it. Yet it doesn’t feel luxurious or presumptuous, but everything a luxury hotel has, it does too.

On the other hand, The Athenee Hotel is as luxurious and regal you can get, a classic 5-star hotel. You can put faith here for great service, rooms, and food: notably a Michelin starred restaurant.

In between, the Okura Prestige hotel has a Japanese minimalist take on design. But minimalism isn’t the only thing it brought from Japan. The staff is extremely dedicated to the care of their guests. And an added plus is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.

Directors, producers and agency people in general, from everywhere in the world have been liking this Hotel in particular. It seems like the Japanese vibe makes a whole lot of difference.

Outside of the Wireless Road, we can also suggest the Hansar Hotel Bangkok on Ratchadamri Road. Facing the RSBC polo club and golf course. It keeps a contemporary design that is inspired by Thai culture but stays minimalistic.

Skyline view on Bangkok the video production hub

Okura Prestige Hotel skyline view during sunset


The business district of Bangkok. It is often used as a location for shooting any scene set in a modern city or even for a more “cyberpunkish” setting. But don’t let the grey facade fool you, it is next to Silom: an entertainment street filled to the brim with bars, restaurants clubs and a big night-out spot for working men, noticeably Japanese salarymen.

Running directly parallel to Silom Road, and its wild nightlife, Sathorn Road is much calmer and more sophisticated. It is no wonder that the 5-star hotels place themselves on this side, along with offices and businesses.

A hotel that many of our clients, especially directors and producersenjoy is The Sukhothai. A serene and luxurious hotel with Thai traditions and culture in mind. Designed as an homage to the ancient Thai capital of Sukhothai. The hospitality, food, spa, and architecture are some of the most traditional Thailand can offer.

Completely different from the traditional take, Sofitel SO blends modernity and chic. It basks on its urban location, celebrating the fast-paced, colorful and playful life of a cosmopolitan city like Bangkok. It also hosts a famed rooftop bar with a beautiful view over Sathorn Road.

Finally, the COMO Metropolitan Hotel takes the middle ground between tradition and modernity. It’s sleek modern design blends in amazingly with orchids and a Thai touch. It’s Thai fine dining restaurant, Nahm, is also accredited with a Michelin star.

The Sukothai hotel Bangkok our video production choice

 Nahm restaurantl in Bangkok


– Phrom Phong

The aorta of Bangkok, the busiest Road in all Thailand. Sukhumvit boasts on each side of its road some the biggest developments and most crowded places in Bangkok. Everything and everyone goes through Sukhumvit.

Our Executive Production, Admin and Marketing department office is located at Ekkamai, a major vein connected to Sukhumvit and just a skip away from Thonglor and Phrom Phong. As such the hotels here are the ones our clients from agencies and productions stay at the most.
Most notably is the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. A huge contemporary hotel with basically anything you need including a jazz bar and a teppanyaki restaurant. All this comes for a rather reasonable price considering the comfort they offer.

Close to the last hotel on Phrom Phong is the Radisson Blu Plaza. A classic modern 5-star hotel with everything to be expected. Add to that amazing restaurants and bars, including Brewski, a craft beer rooftop bar.

Marriott hotel rooftop bar

Marriott hotel rooftop bar

– Thong Lor
Slightly closer to our office is the Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit.

Right at the intersection between Thonglor and Sukhumvit, it boasts one of the best locations in Bangkok. A sleek and modern design, this hotel lacks options compared to its Phrom Phong counterpart. Yet it has some of the best views in the city, especially from the Octave rooftop bar.

Finally, we have given you a lot of choices. But if a 5-star hotel is out of your budget, our production house also has some partnerships with Novotel and Mercure hotels whom you can expect to keep up to the international standard they are known for. Furthermore, they have locations close to our office for easy  and quick access !

Novotel Bangkok swimming pool with skyline view

Here we have listed what our production house thinks are the best accommodations for directors, producers and productions crews. But you can contact us if you need any more information for accommodation, especially in provinces. We have maps and lists available if you ask for it !

If you want to know more on how Thailand is the perfect location for your next video shooting then you must read our Why Thailand? article.


Shout out and credits to our top Hotels partners:
– The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok
The Peninsula Bangkok
Hotel Indigo
Hansar Hotel
The Sukhothai
COMO Metropolitan
Marriott Marquis

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