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Camera and Lenses
Lenses and Attachments
Helicam and Drones
Grip Equipment

Camera man during a video production shoot in Thailand

There are many reasons for shooting in Thailand. But one of the most relevant reasons for shooting here is the crew and equipment. Our production house has an extensive list of suppliers and video production stakeholders. Through these we have access to all kinds of apparatuses to suit your needs, and perhaps even exceed them.

Above all, I believe it is quite important to note that for Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the main centres for all rental film equipment. Of course, along with the equipment, all of the crew members are highly experienced. This is certainly thanks to the burgeoning films schools and university programs, we know the younger generation is starting off with great education and skills in the video production industry.

Now, I probably won’t list out ALL the equipment available; it isn’t interesting to scroll through hundreds of pages of everything. But I will, however, talk about some of the highly coveted equipment found in Thailand.

Cameras and lenses

The camera will quite obviously be the crux of the equipment you need, and we won’t leave you wanting:

  • There is a wide variety of Arri cameras at your disposition; from the 4K digital Arri Alexa SXT Plus to the 35mm Arriflex 535B with anything in between from the compact AlexaMini to 16mm film.
  • Other options include the wide variety of RED “BRAINS”, such as the HELIUM 8K or simply the DRAGON for you to choose. You can also go for a compact Blackmagic.
  • If ever there ever is a need for a high-speed camera, you can also choose between Phantom FLEX 2K or WEISSCAM HS-2 MKII, although these will be very limited in number as they are the few ones in Southeast Asia!
  • Subsequently, there are also always other options such as DSLRs, GoPros and etc…

Red Dragon Camera available in Thailand for video production

Lenses and Attachments

As for the lenses, there are heaps to choose from. Including but not limited to: Hawk Anamorphic, Master Primes, Cooke 5i, Cooke S4, Angenieux Optimo, Ultra Prime, Zeiss Super Speed along with Canon Prime Lenses and EF Mounts.

Furthermore, we have everything for stability and back-saving like Steadicam, Easy Rig, Freefly M-15, M10, and DJI Ronin.

Don’t even get me started on filters.

But if you need any information for lens adapters, ask us for confirmation, but I am sure it’ll be a positive answer.

Helicam and drones

This is an increasingly popular category of equipment and Thailand isn’t skimping. Along with good pilots and our help getting the authorities to let you fly, you are in good hands!

Thailand has virtually every drone in DJI’s repertoire at your disposal and if you’d rather go for the more serious stuff, there are octocopters that can carry anything from DSLRs and Blackmagic cameras to the EPIC, Alexa Mini, and Sony FS7.

DJI Drone available in Thailand for video production
Grip equipment

Another extensive list. I’ll just put a few names and items out here like dollies from Panther, Cranes, Tracks, Fisher 10 and 11, Gyro Motion 3 Axis Stabilized Remote Head, Scorpio 3 Axis Remote Head, Pee Pod, Tracks, a lot of GF Cranes, Jibs and etc. Hence, you get once again a wide array of equipment to play with and get the perfect shot.

Grid Camera for video production on a set


There are also a lot of choices that can be done in the lighting department. For example: Arrimax 18/12 kw, Arri M90 , M18, Astra Bi-Color, LitePanel, Briese Light Daylight / Tungsten, Kino Flo Vista Beam, Para Beam, Arri Daylight HMI Fresnel, Compact, Arri Sun, Tungsten, Dedo Light, Balloon Light, Joker, or Chinese Lanterns along with tons of lighting grip and accessories. And recently the much coveted Arri SkyPanels started arriving at our suppliers’ doorsteps!

Video production lighting equipment on Set

Rigging and SFX

Considering Thailand has the only Scorpio Arm in Southeast Asia, you’d better believe there is everything here from simulating weather to shoot action-packed sequences on-land or water.

In short, I’m going to say that this is basically the gist of it. However, this is a gross simplification of a blog post. But I really hope it gives you an idea about the video production potential that Thailand has to offer and what you have access to if you choose to shoot your next commercial,  music video or feature film with our production house, here in Thailand.

If you want to know more on how Thailand is the perfect location for your next video shooting then you must read our Why Thailand? article.

– DJI Drone Photo by Jonathan Lampel on Unsplash
– Grid Camera Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

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