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Short Films Set in Thailand

Short Films Set in Thailand | 5 MIN READ | Written by Patrick Harney | @pharnney Short Films: True Skin Each Moment is the Universe TMB: Panyee FC Being a haven for cinematography Thailand has come across many directors and production houses to establish itself as the top locations to film any type […]

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Mis-En-Scene (Stunts, Dancers and Animal Cast)

Mis-En-Scene (Stunts, Dancers and Animal Cast) | 5 MIN READ | Written by Marco Neveu Key Content Physical performances: Stunt performers, martial artists and athletes Performing arts: dancers, theater and musicians Animal cast Specialized cast For many film productions, general casting isn’t enough. Sometimes you need highly skilled professionals with […]

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Casting in Thailand

Casting in Thailand |  5 MIN READ | written by Marco Neveu Key Content: Asian Expat Community European Expat Community The Thais mixed (“Luk Khrueng”) Local Thai People Bangkok is truly a metropolitan and cosmopolitan city with a population of approximately 10 Million in 2018. Assembling a wide variety of […]

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