Short Films Set in Thailand

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Short Films:
True Skin
Each Moment is the Universe
TMB: Panyee FC

Being a haven for cinematography Thailand has come across many directors and production houses to establish itself as the top locations to film any type of film. The variety of landscapes is like none other in the world. From advertising to music videos and more, Thailand is no rookie when it comes to the silver screen. Here have compiled a list of three popular short films shot in Thailand that everyone will love.

True Skin

true skin short film shot in Thailand

From director Stephan Zlotescu comes a feature film of a futuristic Bangkok where cyber enhancement is the norm for everyone. As our protagonist escapes his fate from danger, Bangkok is showcased like a beautiful canvas. The production team for this cyberpunk Bangkok city put an impressive effort to the CGI visuals and the technical aspects of the story. Many would say it could be a feature film or if it were any shorter it could be a dystopian music video of the future. Scenes of sukhumvit and patpong are transformed into an inspired Blade Runner city as the neon nightlife of Bangkok compliments the artificial painting. Colors are enhanced and visual effects were added to create a future of artificially enhanced humans in an oppressive landscape. For a six minute short film, producers really gave audiences a glimpse into a much larger story.

Each Moment is the Universe

each moment is the universe short film in Thailand

This eight minute long film from director Bruce Thierry Cheung is a fascinating blend of narrative and travel. The short film features an old soul named Chok from death to reincarnation whose dream was to help the world. While in his new life, he starts to stray away from his values to suddenly having an epiphany of his life choices. With each step toward his dream he moves farther away from his previous life realizing his ambitions would last a lifetime. This production team of this short film was shot on a 7D that captures the amazing locations in between Bangkok, Mekong River and Chiang Mai. From city to city, the production house captured candid moments to include in the cut scenes of the short film in a colorful portrait of transition from rural to urban nightlife landscapes.

TMB: Panyee FC

TMB panyee football club floating island in Thailand

Based on a true story in 1986, Panyee FC was directed as a short documentary about a youth football team in Thailand. A football team that lived on a floating village in the middle of the sea on a little island off Phuket in the south of Thailand called “Koh Panyee”. With huge, almost vertical limestone cliffs, Koh Panyee itself is a small island with hundreds of huts, shacks and restaurants where villagers live on top of the shallow sea. In the documentary this floating village doesn’t even have an inch of soil leaving the aspiring team to be creative. Since the kids there loved to watch football but had no where to practice, took the initiative to band together and challenged the norm to become champions and become a great inspiration for a lifetime. The director wanted to follow the origins of Panyee FC and followed them through their journeys to becoming South Thailand’s best Football Club.

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True Skin photo on  Short of The Week / True Skin
Each Moment is the Universe photo on Short of The Week / Each Moment is the Universe
TMB: Panyee FC photo on Short of The Week / TMB: Panyee FC

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