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Set Design and Props
Costume and Make Up

The thing that, really often, truly makes a film or scene believable and come alive is all the physical aspects in a shot. If you compare Jurassic Park to Jurassic World, you see it, the real sets make the scenes feel alive. Meanwhile World’s CGI fiasco is being repressed in my memories and I don’t want to think any more about it. The physical sets, effects and props have a weight that many CGI special effects fail to capture. Just look at the final fight scene in Black Panther.
This part of film productions sometimes bares its teeth and proves to be costly. But its also a pillar that needs some of the most work for film producers along with creative teams and contracted workers before a shoot. For a film production service, it is our goal to have everything in perfect shape so shooting is smooth sailing. The video production set is always perfect in Thailand.
So I’d like to talk about the people behind this part of the mise-en-scene of a film production. Those who make our work possible: the art directors, propmasters, wardrobe and makeup artists.

Set design and props

The video production set in Thailand is always on spot. For most of our film productions, the art department usually found themselves busy building sets following your creative vision. From small decorations like plants or neon lights to whole sets like metro cars, a nightclub or even transforming a simple Thai street into another country. Thailand’s art directors are skilled and, truly, Hollywood material. That is no wonder since they also find work on some Hollywood sets. We work with the best to give you the best in video production service.

video production set in a hotel in Thailand

I talked once before about an animatronic crocodile. And its because it might be one of the best examples of the props we have used shooting TVCs, feature films or MVs. Our art directors have a lot of experience in making do with what they have, and they work wonders. They find ways to procure all kinds of knick knacks for our video productions. They are also in contact with prop-masters and artists who can make or already have in their catalogues the items you need to complete a scene.
Most film studios and equipment suppliers we work with also have their own attached prop houses and prop-masters, with close to all essentials to furbish or equip scenes, sets and cast.

Costume and makeup

Make up

Costume for video production set in Thailand

Wardrobing is pretty much straightforward. It’s all about finding the clothes you want. In Thailand that can be done anywhere: in malls, markets, flea markets, online, etc. And thus far we have never had an issue in dressing up our cast. Fitting to the demands of creative directors to a tee. But even if you ever need a costume designed and made, we can find tailors and specialists. Whatever costume design and style you are looking for, as long as it’s reasonable of course. I doubt we’d find a historian specializing in 14th Century French cavalry armour that is based in Thailand.

Thailand has a lot of makeup schools and many graduates find work or training abroad. If there’s anything to show as a testament to the makeup skills of local makeup artists it’s probably horror films. They know how to play with fake blood and injuries. Moreover, their skills extend to all other kinds of makeup. And on top of that they learn to keep the makeup from falling apart under the intense tropical heat.

UMOON productions will always strive to make sure your film production in Thailand is successful. So that it goes smoothly and stays cost effective. Which consequently means finding and working with local professionals who understand your creative vision without breaking the bank.

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