Top 3 Saddest Thai Ads

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Though being called “The Land of Smiles” when it comes to advertising, in Thailand it’s all about the tears. Companies have made millions pulling the heartstrings of Thai viewers that tune into these viral ads. The genre itself is so popular in Thailand that production houses write special, extended length versions of these tear jerking advertisements, music videos, etc. for several minutes. These ads end up going viral on Youtube and Facebook where majority of Thai people spend most of their online time on. It is very common to see these emotional storylines created by production houses to sell a product. This has happened so much, that within the industry it has coined the term as “Sad-vertising”. On social media in Thailand, users share ads about poverty, death, crisis. The ads themselves are very sad, however they are also uplifting which makes them shareable, which makes more people watch, which makes it sell.

Vizer CCTV

Starting off with one of the saddest Thai advertisements, we come across a security camera advertisement that directors portray the daily interaction of a shop owner and a homeless man. This interaction leads to the shop owner constantly blaming the homeless man for all the misfortunes of trash, graffiti, damages that happen to the shop overnight. After one night the homeless man disappears not being around like he usually is. As the shop owners checks his CCTV he finds out something that changes his whole view on the homeless man. The homeless man was helping to protect the front of the shop from drunks, thieves, getting beat up and stabbed. As the shop owner realizes his faults towards the homeless man, the end of the advertisement concludes saying “ There’s much more truth that you are blind to..” then showing a collage of Vizer security camera Products.

National Cancer Institute, Thailand

Following the journey of two sisters, this emotional rollercoaster makes such an impact to viewers whether they have siblings or not. Narrated by the older sister, the Director started the commercial with the two sisters fighting with each other while very young. As the sister narrating gets punished for fighting, the story fast forwards to the two sisters living together as one staying home and the other living a party lifestyle. After stealing money from the good sister that stays home all day, it was enough for her to track down her party life sister and accost her at a club. Narrating how badly she wants her sister out of her life, the scene cuts to the good sister in the hospital diagnosed with cancer. As the sister gets weaker, the bond with her party lifestyle sibling gets stronger as she realizes she cares about her sister and how she wants her to live. As the sisters relationship progresses, the commercial ends with the sibling with cancer with a wig of hair from the other.

My Dad is a Liar

Saving the best for last, a production house from MetLife illustrates a tear jerking commercial about a father daughter relationship that gets very emotional than usual. With its simple plot of the little girl writing a letter about her father who has been a superhero, the most intelligent, and the kindest doing everything to provide for her. The little girl, however sees her father’s sacrifices noticing the lies and hardships that he has to go through to give her a better life. The Advertising agency wanted to show the sacrifices and challenges of being a parent. The commercial ends with both characters crying in each others arms and most likely the viewer too.

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Vizer CCTV

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