Weather in Thailand for Video Production

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Written by Patrick Harney | @pharnney

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Hot Season
Rainy Season
Cool Season

With its lush jungles, tropical beaches, glittering temples, and friendly people, Thailand is one of the world’s top filming destinations. Being a top destination for tourists and directors, Thailand is welcoming at any time of the year to many agencies, video production companies and  production houses.
Much of the country is covered in tropical climate all year round and this is because of its hot, wet and cool seasons that are familiar with the country and that you should be too just in case you’re a producer planning on going. Below we have created some pointers about why the weather is perfect for advertising,  shooting music videos, photography, feature films, and more.

Hot Season

Starting with the hot season from the middle of February till the middle of May, April reaches temperatures up to the 40’s in most places. The season as it is self-explanatory is expected to have lots of sun with very little rain. Even at night Thailand does not stray away from the summer heat. Traditionally, because of the summer heat, low season takes over summer during this time of year, but it makes the coastal lines of Thailand that much better.  Fortunately when it comes to Thailand we have summertime all year round, cities and streets in central regions are lit up with light capturing every detail the eye can see. The best places to go to during this period are the beaches and islands of South and East Thailand. The clear sky, bright sun, and blue sea’s is perfect for beach landscapes photography, documentaries, commercials, music videos and more.

Beach in Koh Samed during the perfect weather for video production

Rainy Season

Wet season starts from the rest of May to the middle of October, and while the rain starts to come less often especially in the North and Northeast temperatures will get cooler going into December. In the South, rain will continue to drizzle through December where you can expect a complete change in scenery from the North where landscapes are thriving and the mountain ranges even look different from the previous hot season. If your BTS crew can deal with the humidity, Thailand’s wet season is more sunshine than rain throughout the period.

Rainy Season in Bangkok

Cool Season

The cool season itself comes around October to February where temperatures can feel like there’s natural air conditioning outside in the North, and you can even see frost in the morning if it’s cold enough. This happens especially at the hills and mountains areas in Thailand, areas such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are also the best places of the year to be in during this period because of the weather. The cool north air comes from the raining season brought over by China to the top hat of Thailand. As it reaches down south the cool air slightly affects the temperature in the central part of the country by a few degrees such as Bangkok and barely even touches the southern regions.

Chiang Mai Landscape in the North of Thailand amazing weather for video production

Whether you’re traveling to the North, South, East or West in Thailand there won’t be too many places without sunshine. The weather in Thailand  for video production is pretty straight forward, so if you’re in film production, the music industry or lugging around film equipment it would be wise to take preparations and pack according to your destination within the country. With the seasons comes the exquisite temples, vivacious floating markets and walking streets, traditional villages, and unique annual festivals that are also waiting for you to visit all year round, here in this beautiful tropical country.

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– Chiang Mai Landscape Photo by Darcey Beau on Unsplash

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