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Local Street Food
Mid Range Restaurants

Upscale Restaurants

Food has long been a major component of Bangkok’s appeal, fortunately the food paradise of the world doesn’t just consist of Thai food. From Fine dining to street food, the finest ingredients, exciting composition, beautiful settings and impeccable service,  production houses here can find that this is what makes the food here so tasty and looks as good as its advertising. Restaurants in Bangkok have always treated people in video production awesomely.

Local Street Food

Being known for the king of street food, food carts are around every corner. This is the soul of Bangkok as street food is the cheapest and highly debatable as the most delicious meals you can find in the world, if you know which one to go to. Cheap foods like this apart from the usual 7/11, Lawson 108 or Family Mart convenience stores aren’t always on the street. There are also food courts inside and outside where one can sit, eat and enjoy a nice beer with friends or colleagues with a variety of BBQ meats with sticky rice, seafood, exotic noodles, and even Thai salads. Food for thought, some of the best Thai food can be found in the humblest of shophouses and street side stalls. With that in mind if you’re a hungry director it’s always good to follow where a big crowd leads.

Chinese Street Food Restaurant after video production

Bird Nest Chinatown restaurant

Mid Range Restaurants

Between luxurious dining and street food, the middle is just as good if not better. Glorified restaurants are all over the city with a delicious taste of Thai, Chinese or Western food. Keep in mind that Western food will not always taste like home but it is sure near it. Bangkok makes sure its hospitality is absolutely flawless for foreigners which is why there are so many cafes and affordable international restaurants people can go to enjoy if Thai food isn’t really in their palette. Plenty of Bangkok restaurants have been featured in multiple social media pages that many people love and even the Thai locals do too. Not to mention Bangkok has been forming a very well established cuisine selection of Indian, Japanese, Korean and Middle Eastern as well as small authentic Mexican restaurants that have been on the rise in the city since more and more people have been coming into the country. If you’re vegan, have no fear, a lot of restaurants offer vegan options adapted to signature Thai dishes.

Plant Restaurant after video production

Bakery Restaurant

Upscale Restaurants

Aside from the reputed Thai cuisine, there is an astounding range of upscale International cuisine that offer foods from chefs all around the world. Dishes from European delicacies such as French fine dining courses, Bistrot fare, Hungarian Goulash Casserole, or German Ratsstube all the way to the Americas and around Asia, when it comes to food, Bangkok is a one dish hot pot. You would usually find these types of high end restaurants around the lower part of sukhumvit road toward Siam. There, shopping complexes are filled with Michelin star restaurants with the most outstanding service you could find within the city, and to be more specific, shopping malls such as Gaysorn and Paragon Mall are home to one of Bangkok’s prominent Fine dining locations. These restaurants are typically what our producers, directors and clients from production houses usually look for.

Sala rattanakosin restaurant

Knock Restaurant after video production

Whether you’re a film or a music video director, a producer or a representative of an agency or a production, restaurants in Bangkok after a video production shoot are definitely a bonus reason to shoot your next video production project here with us. 

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