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When it comes to commercials, Thailand is arguably one of the most creative countries when it comes to script writing and film production. Using humor for advertisements or music videos is a crucial element for production houses in Thailand to capture their audience, this makes it so their audience will be able to recall the advertisement. It is not a surprise for these types of commercials from Thai production agencies to go viral worldwide as many people love them. Below we have come up with the 3 top funniest Thai commercials from production houses in the country that will keep you laughing throughout the day.


At the top of the list we have “Chaindrite” a bug spray product that features a family combating against an insect problem in their household. In the advertisement, the insects invading the home are human sized and mock the family as they spray products that don’t work on them. The brand has a 3 part series of this commercial that shows the family getting rid of the human sized bugs and showcases the different product lines as well as the problems insects in households can cause. From over dramatic acting and commentary from the bugs themselves, audiences will almost laugh immediately.

Peppermint Field

With this advertisement, brings us a storyline of the worlds worst anniversary date. The advertisement starts with a quote saying “Women, the biggest mystery in the universe” by Stephen Hawking, followed by the main characters who are a husband and wife, sharing their evening together dining. As the wife asks her spouse what day is it today, the husband responds in the worst way possible, at this point one can realize which direction this feature film commercial is going. While the husband continually puts his foot in his mouth the deeper the couple goes down literal levels of hell. As they near the last level,  the husbands ex girlfriend shows up and the husband ends up in the middle of comparing between his wife and his ex girlfriend. Surviving the last level, the advertisement makes the audience feel like things are starting to get better when all of a sudden the wife becomes outrage. As all hell breaks loose Peppermint field flies in to save the day, cooling the wife’s mood.

Salz – Dinner

As we come to the bottom of the list we end it with a toothpaste commercial that puts a hysterical twist on a couple in a restaurant. Viewers can see the two couple in a fancy restaurant, conversing with one another while the narrator comes in to explain about having bad breath, making it seem that the man during the date is the one with the foul breath. The production house films with a close up of the man talking, blowing on food all in front of the woman as she gives a subtle foul look. The woman who has not spoken a word the entire date was about to thank the man as he was about to feed her. As soon as she opens her mouth, the entire restaurant became shocked at the disgusting foul breath of the woman causing everyone in the restaurant to run away coughing and gagging.

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