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PeeMak Phrakanong
Krasue: Inhuman Kiss

If you’re looking for some movies with ghostly hauntings to binge this weekend, well, you’re in luck. The common belief in Southeast Asian culture is that spirits and ghosts are often around in our everyday lives. This has brought directors in Thailand heaps of inspiration to put on screen and in cinemas. Thai directors have created some of the best hair raising film that leave audiences screaming in their seats. If you’re ready for an adrenaline heart racing scare-a-thon these are some of the best movies to get you started. Below we have listed out all the best Netflix and Kill movies filmed in Thailand for everyone to enjoy anytime.



At the top of the list is an international recognized Thai horror flick where even hollywood directors took it upon themselves to make an english version of the film released in the United States. The original Thai feature film was a box hit success and is one of the best horror films to come out of Thailand. Shot mainly in the capital of Thailand: Bangkok, this film follows a is a series of lies, destruction, and apparitions that will make you understand why the film is considered a nation horror cult classic. Scenes throughout the movie were shot on location in lumlookka, Bangkok, Kasetsart University and in Thonburi. Locations like these gave the production house more creative freedom to scare audiences adhering with their concepts of the film. As one of the scariest movies in Thailand get ready for your safety blanket and maybe some adult diapers.

Coming soon

Coming Soon

Another movie from the director above, comes a worthwhile film if you’re in the spirit of watching something scary. With Film star Chantavit Dhanasevi, this feature film tells the allegedly true story of a grotesquely ugly old woman named Chaba, with frizzy hair and a gangrenous leg, unable to forget the traumatizing experience of losing her child to a young death. With our protagonist planning to pirate a movie of the story of Chaba, out of his financial desperation he realizes the consequences of his fate. The production house collaborated perfectly to set up this film on the big screen with interesting blood rushing angles in scenes. Because being filmed in a cinema makes it that much scarier watching this movie in one. With the movie being plotted around piraters, one could imagine to think twice about pirating in case a killer ghost is behind them.

PeeMak Phra Khanong

pee mak phrakanong

This Thai Horror comedy feature film showcases a legendary love story of Mak and Nak, the director Banjong Pisunthanaku reimagined a Thai ghost horror classic tale of “Mae Nak Phra Khanong” to be a comedy horror starring Mario Maurer and Davika Hoorne. The story of the two is a husband who goes off to war to come back and find his wife who is now a ghost. In this legendary story, it is set in what is now the Prakanong district in Bangkok but back then was filled with klongs and raised traditional houses. The production house and theirs teams had eyes to set the film in this rural ancient time, to do the director Banjong Pisunthanaku and his production house set a site visit at Samut Songkhram Province. The area in Samut Songkhram gave the perfect vegetation and location to film on site like it was like back in the mid 19th century. The whole feature film exhibis a peak in the past culture of Thailand and its humor.


4bia phobia thai horror movie

While the name might sound kind of gimmicky, the biggest production house talents in Thai Horror cinema come together with main director Youngyooth Thongkoonthun where they have created a unique four part film giving an unusual twist on familiar Thai ghost stories. With each of the four Thai horror tales filled with black magic, intriguing text messages, stewardesses taking horror to new heights and bullies, this 2008 feature film does however ever so slightly relate to one another but still nonetheless a scary and entertaining film with originality to juice up and wow the watching these unique films even more. The directors from Shutter and etc. really outdid themselves to create these suspenseful tales. With each director throwing in what their own interpretation of what Thai Horror is, these production house really manifested a fun film horror anthology.

Krasue: Inhuman Kiss

inhuman kiss thai horror movie

A popular ancient Thai story that has been told countless times in many other movies and Thai popular media. Krasue, the female flesh eating spirit in Southeastern asian culture lives as an ordinary human being even having a job and living with a community. In a time period set in 1941 when the Japanese army was invading rival countries and bombing Bangkok day and night. The story shadows the parallels between war and conflict among villagers which reveals certain secrets. The production house filmed in more rural parts of Thailand capturing the essence of 1941 in the countryside of Nakhorn Nayok and Sraburi, Thailand. Given the nature of the movie, director Sittisiri crafted the tale of this ghost hunt with compassion. Though also a very scary movie the theme of the feature film is developed with delicacy and love. One could compare the movie of a mix of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands met Titanic, nonetheless this 2019 movie is something all international horror fans can enjoy.

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